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Welcome to the PPE Security ,Bournemouth Security Company- website, we are a leading Bournemouth security company. We provide bespoke security services to businesses and individuals across the UK and overseas. Both of PPE Security Directors are SIA level 3 Close Protection Operatives and combined have over forty years’ experience in the industry.

We provide wide-ranging, tailor made security solutions for businesses in Bournemouth and organisations throughout the UK. Our professional services include Static Security, Event Security and Door Supervisors. The needs of our clients are paramount and through client consultation and task evaluation, we are able to deliver a highly professional customer orientated service.

At PPE Security Bournemouth we pride ourselves on our friendly can do attitude and you will find that nothing is too much trouble, so feel free to contact us now to discuss your requirements and receive a free consultation.

PPE Security is more than just a reputable security company, it’s a professional and versatile business that applies bespoke solutions to every possible security requirement.

Although high volume Event Security is a specialty PPE Security prides itself on, there are far more dimensions to this established company, ranging from Close Protection services and covert investigations to retail solutions and shrinkage reduction. Actually, there is nothing that PPE Security can’t do when it comes to security, protection and investigations.

The Directors of this nationally operating organisation have combined experience of over 50 years within the private security industry and have gained success through: quality leadership, diversity, understanding the market place and embracing beneficial new technology and evolving with the times. In an increasingly challenging environment that our world is, its important that ideas, systems and an open minded approach keeps a business ahead of this, having a solution ready for any eventuality.

Having the benefit of operatives at every level not only across the South West, but also carrying out duties nationally, allows PPE Security to move quickly and service every clients needs efficiently and effectively. The way we deliver our service is by way of building a true rapport and business relationship with our clients, giving direct face to face contact; we don’t like the idea of business being conducted solely by emails, or our clients being a mere account number. We don’t pride ourselves on the clients in our portfolio, but by our relationship with those clients.

The strength, resourcefulness and proactive infrastructure of PPE Security is based upon the devoted Senior and Regional Management Teams, supported by the highly motivated operatives.

What Else do we do to go beyond…Our staff Matter

The Auxilium System

PPe Security Provide all staff with Auxilium system.Seven years ago this week an accident occurred which ignited the spark of imagination that has lead to The Auxilium System. The Auxilium System allows a user to buy a unique 10 digit number, then entering their information into the database. What they enter is up to the individual but it is suggested that they list their name, emergency contact details, current medicines / medical conditions, alergies, there is lots of space for lots more information if they wish. So if they have an accident this is the model that will occur However we believe that the system can be so much more PPE Security as a aauthorized readers  works if there is a real emergency … but how often do these happen?

 What if as an Auxilium Authorised Reader you were able to access the Auxilium System?

 What if you were running an event and instead of asking people to fill in lots of paperwork you just simply ask for an Auxilium Number?

 What if you needed to be able to support your safeguarding policies with up to date information?

 What if you are a gym/Nightclub/Retail or construction site and want emergency information but know you’ll rarely use it? The Auxilium Authorised Reader fulfils all these questions. Imagen if you were a business, school, college or an event organiser – think of the amount of time an effort that is taken away by someone just giving you a number! Every time a user logs onto the Auxilium system there is an opportunity for them to select who they are going to allow access to their data and for how long – a date range. From that point on the PPE Securiy has access when necessary. The Emergency Services have full access at all times. Person with an Auxilium Number on their ICE has an accident First Responder / Ambulance attends and radios number back to the control room Control room accesses The Auxilium System and relays information back to the accident A business signs up to the Auxilium System as PPE – and gives every worker a number During the day the worker feels dizzy – and goes to first aid for a rest – after a while returns to work The first aid person accesses the database and makes a note of the dizzy spell, length of time etc If you are an Authorised Reader, been given trust, and there is a problem you can access the Auxilium System to discover


 Add comments regarding illness / issues It is a two way trust – every time you enter anything on a person’s record, they receive an email information them that this has occurred and any comments were added. Your comments can not be removed by the Account Holder but they can put additional comments in the system. It a “Bubble” …. Within companies, schools, colleges they can become the Auxilium Reader so they don’t have to collect unnecessary data that is contained on the database. The Auxilium System works to protect people both inside and outside of work. The number that is used in the day still works in the evening / weekend / holiday .

The Auxilium System is the complete Health and Support system. We have just teamed up with Isle of Wight Ambulance Trust and with the full support of the Islands MP to give every resident of the Island a free Auxilium Number from now until the end of 2017. We have just completed a trial with CSAT and have several schools and a college of FE in our local area signed up to use the system. We are partnering with Flat Stan First Aid workshops – that have been designed for children aged 4-11. Where The Auxilium System is displayed as a dogtag on their first aid manikin and the children told why they are there. Where do we go from here … We are offering all schools and FE colleges a free number and reader for an academic year – because we want our children to be safe. PPE Security have proudly supported this with all members of staff signed up to offer both peace of mind for customer , business and employer.

The Auxilium System provides each user with a unique number, once they have their number they can complete the online database of all the information that is required by the First Responders and Ambulance Service in the event of an emergency. The system is also designed that the users can give permission for PPE Security to view your information, so if you had an accident at work PPE can log onto your designated number and add further info surrounding how this has happened to provide valuable support .

To get started just go to www.auxsys.uk

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